The business of International Ports Company is the import business carried out by the company, which includes the importing of all:

1. Supplying and importing all heavy machinery.
2. Supplying and importing oil and gas pipelines, valves and pumps in the oil business field.
3. Supplying and importing water pumps and tanks of different sizes with the supply and installation of water desalination plants.
4. Processing and importing all dry and soft foodstuffs and grains.
5. Supplying and importing all construction materials.
6. Supplying and importing electrical transformers, generators of various sizes and electrical wires.
7. Preparing BRC fences.
8. Supplying and importing all medical supplies, equipment, machinery and equipment.
9. Supply and manufacture of caravans, on demand, gables, and refrigerated and regular warehouses.
10. Equipping computers, Internet systems, cameras and their accessories.
11. Processing and importing fertilizers, seeds, various agricultural machinery and all chemical pesticides.

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