Investment is a newly emerging economic term, and it refers to the employment of capital to activate a specific economic project that brings material benefits to the owners of the project and positively affects the national economy.
The term also indicates that it is an economic variable that seeks to optimize the exploitation of the capital owned by a particular entity, which seeks from this exploitation to achieve a benefit with a material return and a large profit, by relying on unprecedented modern economic methods and methods.

The Importance of Investment:
• Raising production levels, thereby positively affecting the national income and increasing the proportion of income for each individual’s share.
• Providing basic services needed by the citizen and the investor.
• Opening prospects for the unemployed to engage in the labor market, thus reducing unemployment levels and raising the proportion of the state’s capital formation.
• Supplying the labor market with skilled manpower, technicians and administrators from various disciplines and satisfying the needs of citizens by placing locally produced goods and services in line with their desires and opening the doors for exporting goods abroad.
Investment types:
The types of investment vary according to the purpose for which they were found, the most prominent of which are the following:
• Real Estate Investments
• Tourism Investments
• Industrial Investments
• Agricultural and Livestock Investments

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