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About Us

Managing Director's Speech

We are pleased to express to you our desire and full readiness to cooperate with you in the implementation of all projects under the technical specifications you request, as well as our readiness to equip you with all your needs of materials, equipment, and equipment from the best known international facilities in the hope that we will contribute with you to the campaign for the reconstruction of Iraq.
Our country needs institutions and cadres to participate in the reconstruction of Iraq and implement various projects and we are determined, God willing, to cooperate with all departments and institutions for this purpose and at the same time we aspire to develop and expand the company and extend its bridges to the maximum possible space in the service of the country and the public interest.
Our company was founded on solid foundations of knowledge in the completion of urban, electrical, and mechanical projects and through economic capabilities inherited from generation to generation, which is the basis of our success story today.
In addition to great aspirations and ambitions embrace the sky to take the right place for our size between Iraqi and international companies in addition to the goals of perfection and efficiency and the adoption of global systems in project management.
We are confident that you will find a tragedy that we will offer appropriately to meet your needs as we look forward to working together for future projects with you.

Company identification message

International Ports company for Trade, Contracting, Public Services, Real Estate, Agricultural and Animal Investments, Public Transport, Food Processing and Food Limited Liability Company, was established in Baghdad province in 2018 and therefore in response to the constant requirements in the reconstruction and development of infrastructure throughout Iraq and a money price of (1,000,000,000,000) billion Iraqi dinars.

In addition, our company deals with all public contracts in all fields of different business and all general contracting.

In the implementation, supervision, design and processing of the required materials by type, origin and demand, the company is a member of the Iraqi Contractors Union and the Baghdad Chamber of Commerce.

The founder of this company is highly specialized in the field of contracting, general trade, public transport and real estate, agricultural and animal investments and has high and advanced expertise for many years in this field.

 The company consists of engineering cadres and all disciplines including engineering (civil-architectural-Electrical and mechanical ).

In addition to the administrative cadres that make up the companies structure and the structure of any project belonging to the company in addition to the technical staff of all disciplines and as needed.

The company has multiple goals in its field of work, including contributing to the construction and development of the new Iraq and the development of the companies engineering and technical cadres by sending them within qualifying courses and according to the requirements and requirements of any project.

In the field of foodstuff trading, the company includes business of all kinds of foodstuffs, beverages and mineral water.

In order to eliminate unemployment, the company has engaged multiple cadres with different specializations to advance the Iraqi economy, in addition to having future goals in construction and development at the regional level.

International Ports Company has adopted modern and advanced methods in administrative and executive work in order to compete for advanced positions between companies contributing to the construction and reconstruction of Iraq. On charting the exact path to obtain the highest quality engineering specifications and standards.


Successful planning, meticulous execution, innovative performance, high quality and great credibility, are our work standards that enhance our leadership of integrated services in the filed of general contracting.


Creating an integrated work environment, through which we invest the highest human competencies and expertise and are strengthened by the latest engineering and scientific technologies applied globally, to keep up with the needs and requirements of the market in general, with the development process that our country is witnessing in all aspects of life and society.


Our customers’ satisfaction is our first concern, high quality professionalism, credibility and honesty, transparency and clarity, innovation and creativity, speed of performance and implementation, development of the skills of the company’s technical and management staff.

Strategic Planning

Strategic planning is a vision for the future that applies to companies, takes into account the internal and external changes that occur to them, as well as a long-term planning through which the target sectors and segments are identified and the method of competition, and takes into account the relationship and correlation between all aspects of the company and the activities that take place within it.


The quality factor has been emphasized at The International Ports Company, as every employee in the Company is keen to adhere to the highest levels of quality  in each of the company’s various activities. The company has implemented a large number of projects using the latest international technologies and the highest specifications and requirements in terms of quality, relying on a full and highly qualified team dedicated to follow-up the application of quality standards. The company applies a comprehensive quality system in its implementation of all works.


Our company is committed to providing its services to all its customers at a high level and in accordance with international quality standards. In addition to customer confidence and satisfaction which is the first axis in the company’s policy where work is done to preserve strengthen and improve it by fulfilling its obligations and commitments to everyone.