The company’s investment activity

Investment is a newly emerging economic term, and it refers to the employment of capital to activate a specific economic project that brings material benefits to the owners of the project and positively affects the national economy.
The term also indicates that it is an economic variable that seeks to optimize the exploitation of the capital owned by a particular entity, which seeks from this exploitation to achieve a benefit with a material return and a large profit, by relying on unprecedented modern economic methods and methods.

The Importance of Investment:
• Raising production levels, thereby positively affecting the national income and increasing the proportion of income for each individual’s share.
• Providing basic services needed by the citizen and the investor.
• Opening prospects for the unemployed to engage in the labor market, thus reducing unemployment levels and raising the proportion of the state’s capital formation.
• Supplying the labor market with skilled manpower, technicians and administrators from various disciplines and satisfying the needs of citizens by placing locally produced goods and services in line with their desires and opening the doors for exporting goods abroad.
Investment types:
The types of investment vary according to the purpose for which they were found, the most prominent of which are the following:
• Real Estate Investments
• Tourism Investments
• Industrial Investments
• Agricultural and Livestock Investments

Business of a company in the field of food Supplies.

Our company is considered one of the leading companies that is characterized by its ability to import, distribute and market all foodstuffs, taking into account international standards in importing and marketing contracted materials and services in the best conditions. The company is keen to use the systems and techniques of international companies in choosing the best imported foodstuffs, taking into account Shipping and storage methods, in addition to the extensive experience of the specialized management team, who have a high level of training and professionalism in this field.

The company’s work in the field of agricultural and animal investment

Our company has the possibility to develop livestock through importing and supplying food fodder, establishing stables and laying effective foundations in developing and expanding animal production, in addition to developing agricultural activity by supplying seeds and fertilizers from multiple countries with the required quality and importing agricultural devices, equipment and various types of specialized mechanisms in the agricultural field. Also, the company has The ability to provide a qualitative and investment study in the field of livestock, and despite our recent launch, we have great experience represented in our staff consisting of a group of Iraqi engineers who have extensive experience in this field.

Gaining customer confidence in the quality and professionalism of the service.

The company has many works in the field of transporting constructional and food materials of all kinds from border crossings, factories and facilities to all governorates of Iraq. And dry to keep food from spoiling.
The company also has many other works in the field of transporting oil and its derivatives from Iraqi refineries to all governorates of Iraq, with the distinction of our company with a specialized cadre of skilled drivers who meet the conditions of professional safety at work, in addition to vehicles for transporting oil derivatives with special specifications for that.

Company business

The business of International Ports Company is the import business carried out by the company, which includes the importing of all:

1. Supplying and importing all heavy machinery.
2. Supplying and importing oil and gas pipelines, valves and pumps in the oil business field.
3. Supplying and importing water pumps and tanks of different sizes with the supply and installation of water desalination plants.
4. Processing and importing all dry and soft foodstuffs and grains.
5. Supplying and importing all construction materials.
6. Supplying and importing electrical transformers, generators of various sizes and electrical wires.
7. Preparing BRC fences.
8. Supplying and importing all medical supplies, equipment, machinery and equipment.
9. Supply and manufacture of caravans, on demand, gables, and refrigerated and regular warehouses.
10. Equipping computers, Internet systems, cameras and their accessories.
11. Processing and importing fertilizers, seeds, various agricultural machinery and all chemical pesticides.

The company’s activities in the field of oil services

International Ports Company specializes in oil and gas projects and in the field of the oil industry and After its establishment and thanks to the will of the administrative and technical staff of our company, this company was able to enter into cooperative and commercial partnerships with many international companies and factories specialized in the field of oil and gas industry, and the technical and administrative staff worked hard to expand the company’s activities to represent The best representation of the contribution of the private sector in supporting the policy of the Iraqi Ministry of Oil and its subsidiaries in their endeavor to develop oil and gas fields and develop the oil industry in our beloved country Iraq.
Where our company has the financial capabilities necessary to implement many projects and at the same time assisted by its administrative, engineering, and technical staff, in addition to absorbing specialized Iraqi cadres with extensive and great experience in the field of oil and gas.

One of the pioneering works of the company is the implementation of an oxidized asphalt plant in Salah Al-Din Governorate, Al-Touz district, with a production capacity of 500 tons per day.