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Construction and civil works:

The company has extensive experience and ability to manage and implement construction and civil works with high efficiency and including:

  • Commercial residential and public building work. this includes construction and electric works, elevators, and air conditioning.
  • Concrete and asphalt work for all projects including roads, bridges, and infrastructure.
  • The work of sewage systems, raw water, and drinking water systems. which include the work of laying pipes and manholes of all kinds, as well as construction works for water treatment plants and pumping stations.
  • The work of the pillars of all kinds.
  • Civil works for oil and gas field infrastructure in all its facilities.

Electric business

Our company has the expertise and competence in managing and implementing various electrical works through:
• Construction of power stations.
• Installation of medium and high-pressure attachments.
• Laying optical cables and all necessary equipment for that

Mechanical business

 Our company has experience and competence in managing and implementing various mechanical
works through:
• Installing all HAVC types.
• Piping system, steel structures, mass production lines, water treatment units.
• Domestic and sewage treatment works.
• Firefighting system.
• RO units.
• Refining plants.
• Earthing and lightning system.
• Cathodic protection.

Area of fire alarm, control, and safety systems

We have a staff with extensive experience in this field with the ability to make EBC designs.

The field of design preparation, studies, management, and quality control

We have a specialized staff working on preparing designs and studies in close cooperation with executive engineers and staff relevant competent, with outstanding experience and competence and through:
• Preparing studies for various projects, which include surveying works and soil investigations necessary to prepare designs.
• Preparing detailed designs and checking engineering drawings, specifications and bills of quantities.
• Preparing work programs in detail for the purposes of project management, follow-up implementation and continuous updating of that.
• Quality control management for all projects, including supervision and auditing of all works, conducting the necessary examinations according to the standard requirements of contracts, documenting them, and compiling project documents and files.

Design Program

Through the excellent capabilities of our company, the company has successfully completed many projects for the design and construction program has worked many well-known advisory and technical offices to work with our company through a close relationship based on mutual concern and cooperation to work side by side in the implementation of many important projects in the fields of:


  • Architecture
  • Structures and compositions
  • Mechanics
  • Communications and Control

Our company has made personal benefit outside the framework of the application of this program, where customers document the requirements and recommendations that they wish to implement and our company prepares the required designs in preparation for final approval in line with the desire of the customers themselves, and then our company issues the final designs ready for implementation and as agreed.

Our consultants and affiliates work through modern engineering techniques and are more adapted to their work through the latest fee programs, designs, accounts and spreadsheets to work effectively to formulate all the required documents.

In addition, our consultants and affiliates always work through constant monitoring of quality and recording all differences according to processed materials and methods of construction techniques, as the scientific evaluation will be present at the end of each stage to find out possible ways to improve the work assigned to them and to the fullest and in the interest and satisfaction of the client.